Helping you understand your data.

Gathering data is just a part of your business insights. The rest of it involves understanding what to do with that data and learning how to use it to your advantage. It’s about figuring out how technology can help you being informed about your business, learning how it adds value to your business, and then creating a plan to make it all happen.  

About Us - pronounced - \ˈrāv\ ˈon

​We are experienced in a wide variety of business processes, ensuring you get the most professional hands-on experience every time. 


Over twenty years of combined experience in Information Technology, Application Automation, Relationship Marketing and as a Constant Contact Solutions Provider, Ray has a passion for anything in technology. He continually helps small business and non-profits solve challenges faced with cost effective solutions. Ray is the adventurer, visionary & creative guy you'll most often meet first.


At the heart of our business; we are genuine, fun, customer focused and treat your business like our own.
​No overpriced widgets or promises, we're refreshingly honest and hard working while maintaining a life work balance.

Everything we do is at a fair price.


Over twenty years of Finance and Administrative Operations experience, Elke brings the financial expertise and accomplishments from Auto, Building, Engineering, Manufacturing and Non Profits, helping each industry to reach their goals. 
When she isn't crunching numbers, or working out, you may bump into her at the local bakery eyeing up her next savory treat.

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